Frequently Asked Questions

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I have absolutely no discipline in my life. I have tried reading self-help books, attended seminars on success, I even have inspirational CDs in my car which I listen to occasionally, yet nothing helps me. What makes you so sure that I can even be helped?
Many of my clients are in the same situation. On a scale of 1-10 where 10 represents the ultimate level of discipline; most of my clients that participate in the mentoring program initially are in the -5 to 4 range based on my discipline maturity model. Books, CDs, and seminars only motivate you temporarily. On-going mentoring by someone who is passionate about helping others, very accomplished, walks the talk and has a wealth of experience is the only way to acquire discipline. I will facilitate a thorough evaluation, and then design a strategy and develop an action plan to be used as a catalyst for ongoing mentoring and focus more on managing time effectively.
I am always procrastinating. How can you help me?
Procrastination is a symptom of not being motivated. This is a common problem among people who lack discipline. I will train your mind so you will always be thinking, planning and accomplishing with a sense of urgency mentality. You will be continuously motivated. I will also mentor you to manage and forecast lost time in minutes – not days or hours. You will be shocked to find out how much time is wasted throughout the year.
I always have ample enthusiasm with each new endeavor. However, as soon as I hit an obstacle or something more exciting comes along I never complete my initial projects. How can you cure this?
People have a tendency of taking on too much and/or always taking on something new especially when things get a bit challenging with the initial endeavor. I would first have you focus on a maximum of 2 priorities (i.e., health and career). All future projects/tasks would only fall under these 2 priorities. The rest will fall through the cracks! We have to De-clutter your brain and get you focused. It’s also important to say no to outside interferences and any new temptations. Initially I would limit your endeavors knowing that if you take on too much you will continue to fail at everything. Together we would establish a simple routine to help you focus on your milestones only, so you are productive each day until accomplishments become habitual.
The economy has slowed down and my business has suffered. I feel like I could have done a more effective job of risk management so my business wouldn’t be impacted as much as it has. What can I do?
Risk management is crucial for success. You should always plan ahead for worst case scenarios in your personal life and in business. Establish milestones with emergencies and obstacles built into your completion dates. If unplanned scenarios do arise you’ll be prepared. If obstacles don’t come up you’ll be that much further ahead in accomplishing your goals.
It’s easy for me to set goals but I rarely complete any of them. How can I get more consistent?
Most people fail at goal management because they either set unrealistic goals, do not plan effectively, cannot focus and/or most importantly, they focus too much on the big picture (the goal itself) vs. establishing milestones and managing in small chunks. If you effectively manage each milestone the goal will take care of itself.
How long will I need mentoring before I am disciplined?
Every one that lacks discipline needs some form of mentoring – there is no other way of acquiring discipline. The amount/duration of mentoring is difficult to predict – every individual has different issues – some more complex than others. Some can surmount the structured level in the Discipline Maturity Model in 3 months; others could take up to 6 months. For those individuals who would like to accomplish more and surmount the advanced level (disciplined) it will probably take anywhere from 6-12 months, however if you follow my guidance you will see results within 30 days.
I have no motivation to get out of bed in the morning and once I do get out of bed I still can’t motivate myself. What do you recommend?
Self-motivation is one of the key benefits from acquiring discipline. However, this level of discipline is difficult to acquire. It starts with training the mind. The method used to train the mind is called the Man in the Mirror (MIM) technique. The MIM technique helps you train the mind. It’s you conversing with yourself repeatedly until the mind is trained and takes control over your actions. Once trained, your mind will behave as your personal drill sergeant. This drill sergeant will combat all complacency so it automatically motivates you everyday. Another method of training the mind is to put you on a daily routine until it becomes habitual.
I am a VERY disorganized person – how can you help me?
I will help put structure into your life. It starts by de-cluttering your brain and have you focus on just two priorities and establishing simple milestones. I will place you on a daily routine every day that will help you accomplish milestones consistently. It begins with learning the four principles of discipline: Focus
  • Establishing and adhering to a maximum of only two priorities.
  • Treating everyday equally
  • Establishing milestones
  • The man in the mirror (MIM) technique is the key ingredient used to train the mind
  • 24x7x365 self-motivation
  • Thinking with a sense of urgency
  • Managing Milestones not goals
  • Managing time in minutes
  • Managing energy (mind and body) for peak performance
  • Sacrifice. Before charging forward you must realize that you can’t have it all?if you try you will always fail
  • You will learn to say no with grace
Is your mentoring technique different for a teenager vs. an adult?
Everyone goes through a thorough assessment. However, teenagers are typically sponsored by their parents. I will get feedback from their parents first then I will engage with their son or daughter to understand their challenges. Earning a teenager’s trust and respect is a crucial success factor. This requires that I bond with them until our relationship is solidified. This process may take longer depending on the number and severity of challenges I’m dealing with.
Between work, family obligations, friends and other commitments I never have time for self-improvement. I’m always in the same rut-what do you suggest?
You can not have it all! There’s only so much time in a day. As long as you keep trying to please everyone else then you will fail in the area of self-improvement. There’s no compromise with work and your immediate family. But you have to limit your involvement with friends and extended family (aunts, cousins, etc.).

Acquiring discipline means learning to say no without hurting/alienating anyone. You need to prioritize your life and many other things will need to drop through the cracks. In the end when an emergency arises and your back is up against the wall-who will pay your bills? It’s not going to be your extended family or friends. In this particular scenario the priorities are your immediate family, work and self-improvement.


Questions you may have about me:

How do I know if you’re the right coach for me?
If you’re facing the challenges highlighted on the home page then I have the experience (view my bio) and the passion to help you achieve success. Whether you define success as a career promotion, managing time effectively or improving your quality of life I am the right coach for you, based on my experience, accomplishments and credibility.
What’s your coaching style?
I absorb the challenges of my clients, design a strategy, develop a roadmap, mentor them closely and will not tolerate failure. I have never failed and I will not let you fail. I will make you fear failure!
How much experience do you have?
I have over 20 years of management / leadership experience. I also have over 30 years experience mentoring people to help them excel in life. Lastly, I have been a discipline practitioner for over 40 years.
How much do you charge?
Each program is customized to an individual’s specific needs. Pricing will depend on the specific program required and will be determined during the initial consultation.
How long does the program take?
My mentoring program is an ongoing process that can last as little or as long as you’d like given your situation. It is a structured and effective plan based on your own personal goals. The program includes an organized plan that will provide you with a “roadmap” of how to achieve self discipline, outline your attributes and challenges, add perspective to where to place focus within the goals you've established. My program will help to establish realistic time frames for which to complete these goals.

I am extremely dedicated to this program and I expect my clients to be as well. I am diligent in holding my clients to their target dates for completing goals and I will motivate you when challenges would seem to shift your attention.