Whether you’re seeking self-motivation, improved relationships, structure, career growth, accomplishing more, becoming financially secure, obtaining a Master’s degree or effectively managing time, etc., the answer is discipline. However, most people cannot acquire discipline on their own.


My role as your mentor will be to guide you through the process of acquiring discipline and ensuring you stay on track by being there every step of the way. My #1 priority is to help you achieve your goals through One on One Coaching . I also provide training seminars or speaking engagements for your organization.

I do not believe in failure. My objective is not to temporarily motivate you. My goal is to educate and mentor you on how to motivate yourself. I will train your mind so you will consistently motivate yourself. I will help you establish the proper routine, so you will complete your milestones daily (i.e., fitness, financial, career, etc.). As a result of these achievements, you will experience incredible mental, emotional, and spiritual strength and confidence.