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Unfortunately failure does occur at times no matter how hard you plan and execute. Train your mind on how to pick yourself back up stronger, better and wiser than before.

Career Success Train Your Mind

Train Your Mind

Conditioning your mind to overcome failures starts with instilling structure in your life:

  • Treating everyday equally

    • Remain organized (Email, home, office, etc.)
    • Adhere to a to-do list and focus on it
    • Follow a routine
    • Do some form of exercise daily
    • Strategize to seek perfection in your personal and professional life

By treating everyday equally you’re training your mind to hold you accountable to be efficient everyday.

Establish A Contract

After you institute structure into your life establish a contract with yourself. This contract is not a paper document; it is a paradigm shift, a culture adjustment. However, like any contract, it has rules and guidelines that you must adhere to. It is a completely new outlook on life. It stays with you 24 hours a day just like the blood that flows through your veins. It is part of your daily routine.

This contract will alter your personality. Everyone will notice it. They will see the confidence in your face and the focus in your eyes. You will feel like you can accomplish anything and everything, and you will! There will be no limitations.

It is a mental toughness; it is like having a professional trainer pushing you through a one–hour workout 24 hours a day.

My contract was and still is:

  • Remain structured at all times
  • Focus on my priorities 24x7x365
  • Make every minute count
  • Be my own cop (hold myself accountable)
  • Maintain personal and professional values at all times

Establish Phrases To Combat Those Excuses
Establish phrases (positive or negative) that are impactful and cause change. I like hardcore negative phrases (*** Note: everyone is different***).

Does this sound familiar? “I missed my goal this month – I was sluggish and tired.” Sure it does, most people make excuses. I used the following phrases to stop the excuses:

  • I am running out of time. Next month I will be XX years old and I still keep pushing things outthis pattern will continue until the day I die. I need to CHANGE NOW!
  • I am tired of missing my goals. Failure is UNACCEPTABLE!
  • ALWAYS BEAT MY DUE DATE! I need to build a cushion for emergencies.

Be Repetitive

Repeat those phrases dozens of times each day until your mind is trained! But repeat them like you truly believe in what you’re saying. Don’t waste your time by playing lip service.

Once your mind is trained and you still fail you will be able to pick yourself up and push harder next time. You will also stop making excuses. So many times we give ourselves excuses as to why we fail. We blame others, our childhood, our boss, our wife. We get lazy, or upset at a setback and then stop ourselves. If you fail a goal you and ONLY you are to blame!

Be Intolerant Of Failing The War

It may sound a bit extreme but the more you’ve trained your mind that failure is the worst possible thing that can happen to you, the better your odds will be that failure will never be an option again. When your mind has been trained at the ultimate level there will be no such thing as failure. You will not accept excuses. If by chance you do fall you will pick yourself up quickly and you will do whatever it takes to get back on course quickly.

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