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Life Coach Boston Introduction

You wouldn’t think that discipline and leadership have that much to do with each other. But reality is that if you acquire discipline and increase your ability to manage yourself, others will gravitate towards you.

The greatest challenge is to manage oneself. Once you’ve achieved it, others will recognize that you have the ability. As law of attraction will have it, they’ll want to follow your lead. You have shown by example that you are worthy of being followed.

If you continuously take yourself to new levels of accomplishments, others will want to emulate the discipline that drives you to new heights. Through practicing the virtues and controlling your emotions, you’ll master being a leader.

Leaders are destined to become leaders of others. To be a good leader you need a great supporting cast. You need the best team money can buy – right? Yes and no. It’s true that higher salaries can attract some talented employees but just because they have the education and intelligence doesn’t mean they are ultra productive. You know those employees who work around the clock to make your business or organization successful. Those employees who:

  • Are motivated 24x7x365
  • Complete their tasks or projects ahead of schedule
  • Are focused
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Are extremely dependable
  • Are very goal oriented
  • Are very resourceful

Who doesn’t want a team with those attributes? Every leader needs a team of ‘right-hand’ people who he or she can depend on to get the job done under any circumstances. There is only a select few of those superstars! Those highly disciplined individuals. As a leader you must convey a strong message, so your staff feels eager to follow and support your lead– successfully.

Life Coach Boston Suggests Evaluating Your Talent

The first step to building an efficient and highly productive staff is to determine the caliber of talent in your organization. It’s not how large your team is; success is based primarily on the shoulders of your most talented employees. Let’s say, you have an organization of 20 people. Currently the mixture of superior, above average and average employees could look like:

  • Superior Employees = 10%
  • Above Average Employees = 30%
  • Average Employees = 60%

Ideally the mixture for success should be:

  • Superior Employees = 40%
  • Above Average Employees = 40%
  • Average Employees = 20%

One of a leader’s top priorities is to build the right team to implement their strategies and to continuously do more with fewer resources. Without the right players and a good roadmap this endeavor could be futile. To implement a roadmap in a timely manner it’s important to propagate discipline (i.e., sense of urgency, focus, effective goal management and time management) throughout the organization. In this era of making more money with the employees you have, discipline is the key ingredient for success.
The only way to transform your mediocre self or organization into a highly efficient and productive person and organization is to instill discipline.

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