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Please, your excuses are falling on deaf ears. One of the most frequently used comments I hear from executives is “I’m too busy to find the time to exercise.” This is utter nonsense. The only reason executives can’t find the time to exercise is because they’re lazy when it comes to managing their health. However, when it comes to their professional world they’re working around the clock 6-7 days a week, mainly because it’s a necessity. Perhaps it’s their own business or they’re a high-income earner (executive-type) with an abundance of responsibilities. In these situations, it’s easy to motivate yourself to work as much as necessary to meet expectations.

Life Coach Calgary Suggests Making Subtle Changes To Improve Your Health

Exercising daily is more difficult to motivate yourself for – right? After all unless you’re forced to exercise due to a life or death (health-related) situation, chances are you’re not going to exercise. Work will always come first and consume every possible minute. Let’s say I go along with your excuses for a moment (reluctantly) there are other methods besides going to a gym to help you remain healthier:

  • Never use an escalator if stairs are available. There’s always time to get some type of exercise even if you have a busy schedule. Many of the buildings I visit have only 2, 3, or 4 flights of stairs – so take those stairs – every little bit counts. Don’t be so lazy. The same goes for department stores or subway stations. My doctor’s office is on the 4th floor I take the stairs. Take the stairs whenever possible. Also most 3-4 star hotels have small gyms that are open 24 hours. I also try to book a hotel near a gym that’s walking distance from the hotel. Please NO MORE excuses. Your body will thank you.
  • Using automated walkways in airports. Everyone complains that it’s almost impossible to exercise when they travel. I used to travel every week (all over the world) and I still hand carry my garment bag and computer bag while walking at a brisk pace without the aid of automated walkways. Most people today are pulling their bags on wheels and walking on automated walkways. What’s the excuse about not getting enough exercise due to excessive travel?
  • Take a walk around your office building at lunch time. You can catch up on your voicemails; have a 1 on 1 discussion with employees, etc.

A very important part of your daily routine should be to exercise. You define what equates to exercise (i.e., cleaning your home, wash/wax your car, take long walks, use the stairs instead of the elevator at work, etc.). The key is to do some form of activity daily. Our bodies need some form of exercise on a regular basis.

The so-called experts say exercising 3 days a week is sufficient. I don’t have a problem with that prescription but what I’ve noticed over the years is that very few people can maintain a 3-day a week exercise routine. When you plan to exercise 3 days a week (i.e., Mon, Wed, Fri.) there’s always something that gets in the way and derails these types of milestones. (i.e., busy at work, taking the kids to an unplanned event, etc.). Believe it or not it’s easier to do some form of exercise daily then it is to do it a few days a week consistently.

Exercise doesn’t have to be unpleasant, yet so many people look upon it as a necessary evil with nothing but sweat and unnecessary pain. There are many other things that people would rather be doing. The number one thing on that list is doing nothing. If you start taking on the challenge of exercising consistently and you bring along a negative attitude then your new goal will be dead in its tracks after a few weeks.

Exercise is not a supplement to life; it’s an integral part of your life. The sooner you can incorporate it into your daily routinenot 3 days a week, or 4 days a week but being able to do some form of exercise every day then you will overcome these barriers.

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