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Don’t wait and hope that you get that well-deserved promotion. There are no guarantees even if you are the most qualified. There are others in line feeling that they probably deserve it more than you. Follow my six steps below and improve your odds of getting that promotion.

Life Coach Dallas Suggests Being Proactive

  • Never wait for your boss to tell you what to do. Show initiative – always look for things to do that could make the organization more productive (i.e., revising an old/bureaucratic procedure, organizing files more efficiently, etc.). If he or she has to tell you the next task then your odds of getting that promotion diminish considerably. Be proactive and be one step ahead of your boss at all times.
  • Improve your time management skills. Organizations want to do more with less. They want their organizations to be more efficient. It’s highly competitive out there.
    Managing your time efficiently is like running your life like a small business. When you own a successful business you typically know every aspect of its operations. To become profitable you need to know and manage your numbers (i.e., sales, customer base, expenses, revenue per employee, etc.), just to name a few areas. Get serious about your life and manage your numbers to be successful. Here are some thought provoking questions from life coach Dallas:

    • How much time is actually utilized for each of your activities?
    • How much time do you actually waste? Understand time wasters and how to categorize your activities to see where the bulk of your time is being utilized.
    • How much time should you be spending on your activities?
    • Evaluate your work related activities in detail. Work for many people consumes half of their life (if you include commute time, evening emails and phone calls, catching up on projects over the weekend, etc.). The objective for assessing your professional life in detail is to see where you waste resources, which will allow you to make the necessary changes to become more efficient throughout your work day. You will eventually have more of a balanced lifestyle away from the office.
    • Extrapolate time wasted (per activity) throughout the year. It’s an eye-opening experience. If you are like most people you waste approximately 3 months a year. That’s ¼ of your life flushed down the toilet.
    • Identify your most important activities. Which ones are most critical for success? I refer to these as your baseline numbers – how much time are you currently spending in these areas? How much time should you be spending in these areas to achieve success?
      Once you have a handle on your numbers then equate time (minutes not hours) to money. Put a price tag on your money – how much is your time worth?
  • Don’t complain or whine to management. If there’s a problem do everything humanly possible to resolve the issue. If you can’t then go to management – but go with potential solutions.
  • Adhere to your daily ‘to-do’ list. Focus on one project at a time. Don’t get distracted.
  • Learn to schmooze. In most organizations it’s who you know. It’s not necessarily how much you know or how qualified you are. It’s unfortunate but that’s reality.
    Much of the success in business is based on establishing key relationships. Establishing key relationships is extremely important and schmoozing is the best enabler to achieving success in relationship management. My wife commonly refers to schmoozing as kissing butt. Well, schmoozing is how you network. It also plays a big role in marketing and sales, getting deals done, developing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, garnering support from your peers and co-workers, selling your ideas, even getting ahead in your career.
    There’s not enough time to build relationships with everyone. As a life coach Dallas I will be the first one to tell that you need to pick and choose the relationships that can benefit you the most. I will repeat thatdo not start relationships with just anyonejust professionals who can persuade others to help you get ahead. Professionals that can help you get that promotion or get that big bonus. It’s sad to report that promotions and larger bonuses aren’t necessarily given to those who work the hardest or produce the greatest results. Many times bonuses and promotions are awarded to the people who you least expect. And finally,
  • Excel in EQ skills. EQ are your inter-personal skills such as communication and managing relationships, just to name a few. EQ skills will have a greater impact on your life or business success then your IQ ever will. I assure you these six steps, if you start today, will change your ‘game.’ You will see improvement and feel better about your self and career path.

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