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Treating every day equally means just that. Do pretty much the same thing everyday with some modifications (i.e., work emergency, weekend schedule vs. weekday, the days you have to pick up the kids from school vs. the days you don’t, etc.). One of the best ways to train your mind to hold yourself accountable is to be consistent.

How can every day be treated the same? What about holidays and weekends? It would be ludicrous to put forth the same effort seven days a weekeveryone needs a break to recharge, besides I’m not suggesting for you to be a workaholic 7 days a week just focus on your priorities first everyday. Treating everyday equally means doing a subset of your normal tasks that you typically do with your priorities.

What if you don’t want to do anything on Sundays but relax and watch TV? It’s simple – just plan ahead and put a bit more effort into your priorities throughout the week or on Saturday. Don’t just live your week by the seat of your pants – plan it out thoroughly. Be productive with your time and utilize every minute so then you can feel totally free to goof off and relax; have fun.

Life Coach Dublin Suggests Focus on Priorities and Milestones First Each Day

Wake up thinking about your priorities first. That means to focus on your career, health and relationships at the start of each day, throughout the day and when you go to bed each evening. I consider these to be the most important priorities to live a successful life. The objective is to get into a routine so focusing on your priorities becomes habitual (i.e., when you wake up, throughout the day and before you go to sleep). You want to program your mind so that your actions achieve your goals. Eventually your mind will be trained and will be functioning as if it were on auto-pilot.

I can hear the internal flack now: “That’s utterly ridiculous, there’s more to life then just thinking about your priorities.”, or “Does that mean I have to work all the time?” or “I can think about what I want to think about!” Or, “I am tired and hurting why should I continue to torture my body, may be tomorrow.”

These are all protests from your mind fighting the control. Your mind is used to having no control, sort of like a spoiled child. So of course, it is going to give you a hard time and try to throw you off. All I’m saying is to you is take control of your mind and energy. Direct your energy and your mindset onto your daily milestones, so that you are making progress on your milestones every single day. The payoff will be that you accomplish your goals. You are the captain of your ship. Just like, we are some times stubborn about doing things that are not so healthy for us; we should be stubborn about committing to exercise. This is healthy, exciting, and in many instances, you make new friends.

It is your life, so you should control the direction in which it goes–take control of your life. Once you learn that you can achieve your goals then you are empowered to achieve higher and higher levels of success. Make sure those milestones get accomplished daily.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the distractions that you can wind up going with the flow. However the consequences of going with the flow, being pushed around by outside forces is that you never live your life, never accomplish your goals and end up feeling very dissatisfied.

Follow Your ‘To-Do’ List

A ‘to-do’ list should be prepared at the end of your work day or that evening before going to bed. Get in the habit of doing this religiously every evening. Have it with you wherever you go. Document your personal and professional tasks, obligations, errands, etc. As new things come up throughout the day – put them on your ‘to-do’ list.

Adhere To Your Routine

Treating every day equally also means adhering to an efficient routine every day, which promotes your priorities. That doesn’t mean all work and no play it just means being efficient with your time so you can do more with less resources and still have plenty of extra time for play (however you define play time). Following a routine is a huge success factor for training your mind to hold you accountable.

Exercise Every Day

Exercise daily! I would consider everything below exercise.

  • Go to the gym a few days a week
  • Go for a hike another day
  • Wash the car another day
  • Walk around the block another day
  • Clean your apartment another day, etc.

By treating everyday equally you begin to maintain good health habits.

Routinely Change Your Routine

Doing the exact same thing every day can make for a very dull life and eventually we all need a change. Routines that keep you efficient are good but occasionally change them up a bit. Routinely change your routine. See yourself as an athlete who has reached a plateau and in order to become better and stronger; he/she must change up their routine. It’s not easy to change because as humans, we are definitely creatures of habit. The key is to adopt healthy, constructive habits not unhealthy and self-destructive habits.

Try making small and subtle changes at first. Establish new milestones for your career, health and relationship goals. Think about adding some fun and excitement into your daily routine.

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