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Many of us dream or fantasize about being successful in life but dreaming about it is one thing and actually making it a reality is another. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. These are words of encouragement from a man whose legacy surpassed his own dreams and became reality for future generations to enjoy. To actually fulfill some of those dreams and aspirations requires one thing – discipline. Without it you’ll never be able to fulfill all of your dreams and aspirations.

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In order to acquire discipline you will need to manage your life as if it were a business. Your livelihood and perhaps your family’s livelihood depend on it. You’ve been dreaming about this business most of your life. This is something you’ll be taking on with passion. Its human nature to be passionate about what is ours and this is especially true of Your Life, Inc. It requires every ounce of mental and physical strength you can muster to be successful. It’s not as daunting as it seems. This is what it takes to get your life focused and ultimately headed toward fulfilling your dreams. It’s well worth it.

Starting and managing your own business is a 24/7 commitment. All start-ups require nothing less than a full-time effort. In the beginning there is no relaxation, no holidays and very few days off, if any. As with any business, it starts by building the foundation, i.e., business plan, financing, customer base, vendors, office space, etc. The same goes for your personal foundation, which will be built on discipline.

You control every aspect of the business. The power is within you to succeed. There is a great sense of freedom and satisfaction that business owners possess. In order to keep that freedom they must work that much harder to ensure success. Working hard for yourself is doing what you love more hours of the day. Working hard for someone else is just that and nothing more. The only partnership in this business is you against you (as discussed in my first book titled: Discipline: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential the section titled: The Mirror). Hopefully you like yourself because you’ve only got yourself to blame if this “partnership” fizzles. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, your quest for discipline will change that. You already know discipline is important, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you want something that will alter your entire life and allow you to accomplish more then you ever thought possible, then you’ll have to earn it the old fashioned way. Once you’ve acquired discipline, then you can take some time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, this is ongoing and it normally takes years if it’s done right. If you are not among the privileged that were taught discipline as children, then you must learn it now. Don’t let the duration bother you. You want a solid, reliable, experienced corporation that has earned the trust of its customers. This is simply one of those things that need time to develop.

The benefits package is incredible! It’s very comprehensive and the bennies are realized as quickly as you work to earn them. The list is enormous, but one of the best perks is knowing at the end of each day that you’ve lived that day to the fullest.

To acquire discipline and accomplish more than ever, your life has to be managed in the same manner. Personal and professional events and activities need to be prioritized as if your life was that business. Year after year there is so much more you want to accomplish but as the years go by you have significantly less time.

When you’re managing Your Life, Inc. everything is prioritized with every minute of the day being accounted for. There are no excuses and you must always make things happen.

Attitude is everything. Change is a good thing. You’re expected to change everyday. Be dissatisfied. Change your life’s goals. This is that extremely powerful moment when your discontent and aspirations crystallize. The decision is quick and final. Life is short, it’s time to establish Your Life, Inc. and own it in its entirety.

Use your positive attitude to push you forward. It’s when we want something most passionately that we hardly notice the risks. This is where you want to be. Do not allow self-doubt to hold you back anymore. Your desire and will to change are much more powerful, so use them to your advantage.

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