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Life Coach San Francisco Introduction

When I ask people “What are your top priorities in life?” Often times the answer I receive in return is: being successful and happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy and successful? However wanting to be happy and successful and actually doing something to ensure that you accomplish these goals are as different as night and day. Wanting and hoping for the best and having a mindset that good things will come to you automatically, are huge mistakes. Now please don’t refer to me as negative until you read this content in its entirety.

It’s good to have a positive outlook in life always! However, you can hope and pray all you want (and you should) but good things and bad will come into your life. Bad thing things will happen, it is many times unavoidable – its part of our existence. Sure you can minimize the risks but you can’t avoid them altogether.

Life Coach San Francisco Suggests Plan For Worst Case Scenarios

When it comes to your goals instead of sitting around crossing your fingers and hoping for the bestplan for those bad hair days (i.e., getting into a major fight with your spouse before going to work, the kids were moving slowly in the morning and caused you to be late for work, etc.). Emergencies WILL happen and they WILL detour you from accomplishing your goals.

In order to improve your odds for success always plan for worst case scenarios. Whether its business, health, investments, savings, and/or education, etc., you should plan for worst case scenarios. Train your mind by playing mind games that emergencies WILL happen: you WILL be laid off from work, the economy WILL take a turn for the worst, gas prices WILL triple in price, someone in your family WILL have severe health issues to deal with, the stock market WILL crash, you and your spouse WILL have a major argument, you WILL have legal issues, you WILL have major financial challenges, etc.

It’s NOT if – it’s when! You know some if not all of these issues WILL occur in your lifetime – so be prepared! Plan ahead and assume they will ALL occur! Establish emergency time when determining due dates for your goals and save money. If these issues never happen you’re that much further ahead in achieving your goals.

The method I use to train the mind is referred to as the Man in the Mirror (MIM) technique. The MIM technique is a very simple concept of conversing with yourself repeatedly, which automates your mind into taking control of your life and actions. The conversations are unique and may seem inappropriate to most people because they appear to be negative.

Some of these mind games may seem silly and crazy to some people, but they’re very effective. Thinking and planning for worst case scenarios is the best way to achieve success in your personal and professional life! Once your mind has been trained you will always plan ahead when establishing goals and milestones. You will automatically build safeguards into each of your goal’s due dates. For further information on how to play mind games and training the mind refer to the book titled Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life.

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