Personal Development Plan Template Optimized

Personal Development Plan Introduction

I’ve been a mentor; some people call me a life coach, for over two decades. To be an effective mentor you need to possess the following key attributes:

  • Passion to help people.
  • Good listener.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Great motivator.
  • Wisdom.
  • Ability to strategize.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Available for your clients 7 days a week. It’s not a 9-5, Monday thru Friday job.

The most common problems are lack of self-discipline, relationship management, business development, and growth strategy. A client’s issues do not end at 5PM on Friday and take the weekends off.

Most importantly, I walk the talk. My accomplishments have made me a success. The more accomplishments I possess the more people will listen and follow. My credibility will earn me respect as a mentor both on a business and personal level.

Yes, there are thousands of life coaches. The industry is actually saturated with intelligent people who have certificates and college degrees. These individuals have very little real-world experience in many areas, therefore very little in the way of credibility. I am one of the few with credibility – in other words I’ve walked the talk and have the proof to show it. With this knowledge, I will work hard to make you successful.

Personal Development Plan Template Strategy

All successful coaches will utilize some sort of personal development plan template (i.e., a life plan – similar to a business plan) for each of their clients. My mentorship program is divided into three phases:

Phase One: Assessment

A comprehensive questionnaire is used for individual assessments and a leadership questionnaire, if applicable, to determine degree of development. The assessment enables me to understand my client’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, career-related aspirations, relationship, leadership skills, financial situation, your surroundings, hobbies, phobias, etc. In order to understand my client I must, figuratively speaking, walk in my clients’ shoes, challenge their weaknesses, and excel their strengths. I will then provide them with a preliminary synopsis which summarizes/prioritizes their challenges and explains the strategy involved to achieve results. A heart-to-heart discussion ensures they’re on-board for the journey. The duration of the program could take more than a few months. After all, it’s not easy to eliminate decade’s worth of bad habits – don’t expect miracles overnight. Nevertheless, the client should see improvement in the first 30 days.

Phase Two: Personal Development Plan Template (PDP)

Once the evaluation is complete and I have a thorough understanding of their issues, I will then develop a personal development plan template (life strategy and roadmap).
The template includes:

  • Initial goals from the evaluation process and any new goals if applicable
  • A synopsis of their life before the mentoring begins based on my Discipline Maturity Model. The purpose of the Maturity Model is to effectively identify key areas of opportunity for improvement of the individual. Once the present level is assessed, the PDP can be implemented to develop those key areas, allowing the individual to graduate to the next level on the maturity Model.
  • A strategy and roadmap to resolve their weaknesses. The roadmap includes milestones and safeguards to ensure success.
  • A new daily and weekend routine to establish structure in their life.

Phase Three: Mentoring

The third phase is on-going mentoring, which includes monitoring and administration. I am involved with emails and phone calls daily (as many as required). I am an excellent motivator when challenges would seem to shift attention. I also monitor and track progress via the PDP. I am diligent in holding everyone to their target dates ensuring consistency and successful completion of milestones.

All of my clients can see a difference in the direction of their life and finally have confidence and hope that they will be able to achieve any goal once they have been able to put structure in their lives through my guidance.

Personal Plan Development Template

Harris Kern has a personal and very passionate style with extraordinary credentials. Mr. Kern has over twenty-five years experience as a life coach, leadership and organization performance mentor, IT management consultant, speaker and author of over 40 books. He’s utilized a Personal Development Plan Template, which he refers to as a Personal and Professional Growth Program. To learn more about Mr. Kern visit: for individual coaching and visit: for organization performance coaching and learn more about his Personal Development Plan Template.