Management and Leadership Development

Effective leadership starts with self-mastery; achieving greatness in your professional and personal life. Leaders need to be role models and practice what they preach. Leaders need to be goal oriented, think with a sense of urgency, portray confidence, be able to inspire a shared vision, act as change agents, motivate others, have wisdom and possess excellent EQ skills (i.e., communication, managing relationships and emotions, etc.).

My objective is to help transform key staff into potential Managers, Managers into Directors and directors into Executives. The tool I use to accomplish this is referred to as the Professional & Personal Growth Program (P²GP).

The purpose of the P²GP is to provide individuals with a performance-enhancement roadmap. People will be able to integrate goals (career and personal) that will allow them to be more motivated, focused, productive and balanced. The P²GP is designed to assess an individuals level of performance using the competencies stated below:

  • Self-discipline
  • Leadership
  • EQ
  • Business aptitude
  • Process knowledge
  • (Technical skills)

The P²GP uses these competency categories when assessing an individual’s skill set level. The categories are used to determine the competency level and how intensive the one on one coaching will be.