Training Seminars

Building a Competitive Organization by Adopting Discipline

The purpose of this half-day discussion is to explore the everyday organizational pressures to do more with less. Employee and management issues are staggering:

  • Overwhelmed and stressed
  • Poor time management
  • Lack a sense of urgency
  • Lack of structure
  • Lack of an ACTIVE performance management process
  • Lack of professional objectivity in the workplace
  • Ineffective communication practices
  • Management’s lack of focus on critical HR functions (i.e., performance tracking, 1×1’s, regular staff meetings, etc.)
  • Relationship building and collaboration is an afterthought
  • Organizational ineffectiveness is adversely affecting the quality of life for your employees.

I discuss the various techniques to achieve efficiency with your workforce. The objectives of my discussion are to:

  • Ignite the power of organizational change and drive your organization to the top
  • Eliminate destructive organizational practices (inter-office politics, finger-pointing, accountability, etc.)
  • Achieve peak performance within the team by adopting discipline
  • Gain competitive advantage as a company
  • Create a culture of empowerment for your employees
  • Release the creative power of your workforce