Ross, Los Angeles

Harris, I wanted to share my appreciation. I was jobless living on the beach in 2012 in a bad relationship with a lack of direction. You were a lifeline, got me focused on getting a job. I did. You got me exercising every day. You were again a lifeline when I was working my ass off in the same job with no end in sight, not knowing how to cope. some pretty troubled waters…

Pleased to say that I received a big bump in my base and a bonus early last year specially authorized by the board ( only 1 of 2 in the company) –means I cleared almost a $0.5M. I was also granted a 12 month severance package and promoted to VP. for ’16 the CEO has assigned me from finance into ops waking as the COOs #2. Amazing how life can work like that. You are one of very few people that saw me at my worst, the hell I went through and how hard I worked to get back on top.

Thank you

Jessica Bowen, Houston, TX

Harris, thank you for helping me to become a better more well-rounded person, a better role model for my daughter, a better employee (quickly helping to increase my earnings by 30%) and for giving me the ability to live my life to its fullest potential.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Adult ADD due to my lack of self-discipline, lack of motivation and lack of self-control. This had been a life-long struggle for me. Through the years I searched for help. I worked with several counselors to help combat the depression that these ADD symptoms caused but counseling was not the answer to the root of the problem. I interviewed life-coaches never working with one because I already knew who I was and what goals I wanted to achieve and this is where their focus was, not in helping to attain the daily self-discipline to be a great achiever. I started to believe that high levels of self-discipline and willpower were out of my reach and that maybe it was something you had to be born with. Boy was I wrong!!!

Your methods, dedication and honesty are exciting and truly unique. And the fact that no one could ever classify me as ADD again is proof of this. I now leap out of bed each morning with a sense of urgency & enthusiasm. My self-esteem and energy levels are higher than ever, my health is dramatically improving with each day that goes by and I am more productive then I ever thought possible.

I am grateful that the opportunity of being mentored by you has presented itself and I am looking forward to continuing this learning and life-changing experience.

Warmest Regards,
Jessica Bowen

Jeff Kimmel, Boston, MA

I had the privilege of participating in Harris Kern’s discipline mentoring P²GP program for approximately one and a half years. During that time I enjoyed consistent growth within my organization, largely due to the mentoring and guidance of the program. A year and a half into the program I accepted a higher position in a highly successful firm, showing the true testament to the success of the PG²P program. I could say that I stopped participating in the program at that time; however, the skills that Harris helped strengthen remain and his mentoring approach allows these skills to continually grow. The time management skills, drive and the diligence that the program stressed not only keeps me on track in terms of setting new personal and professional goals but it continually helps me to attain them. Harris’ ability to understand people and the ability to craft a unique plan for each individual is a true talent and would make the P²GP program an excellent fit for any individual or group.

Siavosh Sharestani, San Francisco, CA

You have truly helped me with your guidance and support in the last few months. Your focus on building self discipline is very effective at creating concrete results. I’d recommend your coaching to anyone who wants to make significant changes and improvements in their life.

Chakravarti Raghavan, Los Angeles, CA

I have been extremely fortunate to have found Harris. Ever since the day I chose to get personal coaching from Harris I began to make progress on a daily basis consistently. Since he checks status everyday any slip up is corrected within 24 hrs. I met Harris 71 days ago and i worked out 59 hrs since and burned 40232 calories and lost 15 lbs and my diet has never been this much better ever. I have never in my life had worked out with such discipline and stuck to a goal on everyday basis. It’s turning out to be a great journey and i look forward to a whole lot more. I have now added another area to my goals and since 3 weeks i have been on target with that too. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Harris if they have any kind of discipline issues or want to get something to get on a roll.

Couple of things that i really love about his coaching and why it works for me:

  • There is everyday focus on the top goal and that’s why i was able to achieve results and have such discipline. If it were a one call a week i doubt it would have worked for me.
  • There is no compromise. You do everything you can to get the result. I love his hardcore attitude since i believe that you have to deserve the success. But it’s been fun too since we see the results.

Kevin Kryzda, Martin County, FL

Working with Harris will change the way you look at Life & the way you look at yourself. He makes you take responsibility for being Discipline & Creating the life you want rather than just waiting on it to happen.

If you are ready to change your life for the better & you’re ready for Real Results, then give Harris a call right now so you can start Living instead of just d reaming.

Michael Collins, Boston, Mass.

Harris Kern’s discipline mentoring has helped me begin to see the gift of committed action over a sustained period of time. In just a month of mentoring, I’ve developed habits that eluded me throughout my college and professional career. I’ve always been a high performer, but I’ve always known that without discipline, I wasn’t living up to my potential. Through working with Harris, I see that with discipline, not only am I capable of the goals I’ve set, I can do so much more.

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