More Testimonials

Juan Soriano, Los Angeles, CA

My name is Juan Soriano, Harris has been my mentor for some time now and I can’t remember ever being more productive and driven prior to his mentoring.

It’s the greatest feeling to know there is someone on my side on this journey. My health, business and personal accomplishments are due to Harris’s life changing advice and unrelenting drive to get me disciplined. I still have along way to go to be completely disciplined but I know I will be there one day with Harris’s help.

Tim Roberts, Atlanta, GA

I started working with Harris and my focus has completely changed. I get up between 6 & 7 each morning ( which use to be impossible for me ) I work out 6 days a week, read for at least an hour a day & I eat much healthier now that I’m working with him. And those simple changes have made a powerful impact on my thoughts & life because Harris teaches DISCIPLINE which forces you to take Responsibility AND to take ACTION.

Kevin Kryzda, Martin County, FL

Working with Harris will change the way you look at Life & the way you look at yourself. He makes you take responsibility for being Discipline & Creating the life you want rather than just waiting on it to happen.

If you are ready to change your life for the better & you’re ready for Real Results, then give Harris a call right now so you can start Living instead of just d reaming.

Michael Collins, Boston, Mass.

Harris Kern’s discipline mentoring has helped me begin to see the gift of committed action over a sustained period of time. In just a month of mentoring, I’ve developed habits that eluded me throughout my college and professional career. I’ve always been a high performer, but I’ve always known that without discipline, I wasn’t living up to my potential. Through working with Harris, I see that with discipline, not only am I capable of the goals I’ve set, I can do so much more.

Charleston Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn.

As an entrepreneur, I must make each day count just to stay above water. With our economy hitting an all time low I knew I would have to become more resourceful with my time and learn to do more with less. Harris Kern has been nothing but a great inspiration since the first day we met. On that day, he told me that he would not let me fail and since then I have witnessed Harris go above and beyond my wildest expectations to see to it that I was being productive with my time. Some days I really struggled with keeping commitments to myself. Harris empowered me by believing in me. I was not just letting myself down anymore.

I have not been on this journey for discipline long but I already see great things happening around me from the extra time and effort invested. Harris is teaching me how to consistently carry a sense of urgency and to limit the amount of time wasted day to day. With each accomplishment I become more confident that I can succeed.

If you struggle to find enough time to accomplish all your daily tasks I highly suggest consulting with Harris. He will go that extra mile to help you feel more productive with your days. The power we hold within is incredible and the more you challenge yourself the more you will be surprised by your own accomplishments.

Michael Pond, Charlotte, NC

Harris has helped me focus on the 2 most important priorities I was ignoring. I have a plan to address them each day and Harris helps keep me honest by holding me accountable. He calls me several days a week to discuss and update my progress. It has been a great growing experience. I am in the process of negotiating a promotion with my company as a direct result of work with Harris.

Alexander Lawrence, San Francisco, CA

Harris is an outstanding coach and mentor, particularly in regards to leadership development. His focus on building self discipline is very effective at creating concrete results. I’d recommend Harris to any individual or organization interested in making significant changes and improvements over a rapid time frame.